You Can Snap Out Of It

It is 2017, but to be honest, I feel like I carried 2016 with me into the new year. I’ve learned in the past couple of weeks that things don’t change, and everything really boils down to perspective. However, it is very easy for perspective to be clouded. It is very easy to see the things that are not working out, especially when we have high expectations that they should. We gradually dig ourselves into a dark pit because our perspectives are skew and before we know it, we lack the motivation to do what is necessary.

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What if I tell you, you can snap out of it just as easily as you dug yourself into it? You probably won’t believe me, but the truth is you can.

You see, I have come to learn that everything we do in life boils down to decisions. Our decisions shape our lives, determine how we approach situations, and most importantly, how we rise up after a series of unfortunate events. I realised recently that making a decision to not stay down can easily evoke the motivation you need to get back up. Making a decision that defies the state you are in, can shift your perspective and help you power through.

So what’s that cycle you are stuck in? What’s that thing that’s sitting on your back, weighing you down and stealing your joy for everything else? Make a decision to power through irrespective of how you feel, and watch your motivation return. Have a super week! XOXO