When Can Women Beat Men?

I have to ask this question because it is necessary.

A woman was found beaten to death by her husband, who by the way locked her corpse in the house with her two kids, and hit the highway to hiding… and the first question people ask is “what did she do? He couldn’t have beaten her for no reason!”

Are you all trying to pull my legs? Am I getting punked here? Is there any justification to beat another human being, the mother of your children, and the wife you promised to love and protect to death or at all? Because it seems like there is. The first question many men AND women ask when they find out a woman is being physically abused by her husband is “what is she doing wrong?”Since that is the case, I have my own questions.

When can we women beat men?

Can we beat men when they cheat on us without remorse and even justify their infidelity by using flimsy excuses like “last week when I called you at work, you were too busy to answer so I had to cheat” Can we beat men when they lie? Because that seems to be in their genetic makeup. Can we beat them when they lie over and over again that the ladies’clothes in the closet belong to their long lost cousin when really they belong to the main chic we don’t know about? Can we beat men for deciding they can play with our emotions as they wish? Drag us along for a ride they are not willing to take and then at the last minute come up with a “baby it’s not you, it’s me”line? Can we beat men when they fail to acknowledge how their words hurt us and rob us of our worth or is that something only men are allowed to feel?


Can we beat men when they tell their mistresses that their wives are distant relations who have accommodation problems? Can we beat men when they don’t return home at night and don’t call to tell us why? Can we beat men when they refuse to contribute to the upkeep of the home, yet gladly dole out cash to ladies young enough to be our children? Can we beat men when they secretly get married while we are still daydreaming of our happy endings with them? Can we beat men when they use us and discard us like napkins in the trash?

Most importantly, can we beat men when they beat us, or do we have to keep praying for them to stop? Can we beat men when we return home after a long day and they have not made a single attempt to get dinner started? Can we beat men when they smile at other women or speak to them? Can we beat men when they share their opinions? I really need to know when we can beat men.

I need all the men who believe a woman deserves to be beaten for wrongdoing to please explain to me when it is OK for us women to beat men. Tell me when it is OK for us to grab our leather belts and horse whips and correct that man child. If you cannot come up with one single scenario where women can beat men, understand that it was never OK and it will never ever be OK for men to beat women. XOXO