What’s in Your Hand Right Now?

Do you have a vision that you just can’t shake? Is there a place of success that your eyes keep drifting towards when you try to focus on other things? Are you perhaps complaining right now that you don’t have the tools you need, or the connections, or the experience or the degree you require to take you to where you need to be? Stop!

Many of us spend a lot of time focusing on what we don’t have rather than planning around what we do have. I met a beautiful lady at a conference once, and during the course of our discussion, she told me she wanted to be a pastor. She had all the right attributes that would cause a person to want to know Jesus. What then was the problem? She did not have a congregation. The moment I heard that, I smiled. Who says you don’t have a congregation? You have facebook and Youtube! Get to work!

Sometimes we are carried away by what I’ll call the conventional requirements for our vision, forgetting that we are in a world where opportunities are hidden in unconventional places. You need to ask yourself: what’s in my hand right now? What tool do I already possess that can get me started on my vision? Don’t spend your time and energy focusing on what you don’t have. Search your surroundings and tap into what you already have!