Listen to Your Vision

There is a place of success that keeps haunting you. There is a high place you see yourself everytime you close your eyes. There is a picture of yourself that is so different from where you are now because it is just so much better than what your present circumstances suggest. Don’t throw away that vision! That vision is giving you information. It is telling you where you need to be and the direction you need to walk. It is telling where you should be seeking opportunities, and where you should pursue knowledge.

Many people tend to dismiss such visions as ‘daydreaming’, and daydreams are a waste of time. You have bills to pay, and stuff to take care of. Your vision is bigger than your pay check so it is nothing more than a dream. If you have been indulging in the dismissal of your vision, it is time to stop doing so. Instead of dismissing, pursue knowledge in that vision you see. Instead of dismissing it, train yourself in that vision; connect with people who are in the line of that vision. Constantly pray about that vision. Don’t dismiss your vision. Listen to it. It is telling you where God wants you to be!