Stop Complaining

It’s a simple fact: If you spend your time complaining, you will never really see anything you ought to be grateful for.

Now, I won’t tell you about how other people have bigger problems than you do yet they are handling life better than you are. I actually detest that strategy. What you are going through right now cannot be felt by anyone else. It is your situation, and even if it is not as bad as what other people are dealing with, it is a bad situation for you. But will complaining help? Nope.

Complaining spreads from what you are actually dealing with to other aspects of your life. If you are frustrated because you haven’t had a good relationship in ages, and you start complaining about it, then it will spread to your work. You will find yourself complaining about your ever pleasant boss; you will complain about your friends and the decisions they have made; you will complain about the weather, the traffic, your wardrobe, your bank account, your life and even about yourself. Every little thing will cause you to complain. Once you start, it’s like a free-fall ride. It’s not worth it, so stop it.

Yes, you are going through a lot at the moment, and life seems to be conspiring against you, but don’t lose hope. Don’t let complaining become a habit. It will steal your joy. Rather take deep breaths and face the situation head-on. You will come out of this if you focus, but you must first break the habit of complaining.