Many times, we get hurt by people we trust, people we’ve shared a lot of ourselves with, people we’ve let into our lives with the intention of making them permanent residents. Like every breathing human, these people step out of line and sometimes, we are so hurt by their actions, we do not want to confront the situation. We keep replaying their wrongdoings in our heads, asking ourselves how they could be so treacherous. We end up with sleepless nights trying to get over the betrayal of a person we once swore we could never part ways with. In spite of the many restless nights and the tape of dismay we keep playing in our heads, we refuse to confront.

Learn to confront situations that make you unhappy. Learn to confront friends who have hurt you. Learn to confront mistakes you have made with friends. Learn to confront relationships that have gone awry. Learn to confront. Ignoring a situation may seem ideal, because by ignoring, you fool your mind into forgetting. The truth however is that you are burying a monster alive, and sooner it will resurface. Confront any situation. Let your friend know you’re hurt; talk about it, and put it to rest.