Ditch the Timeline

I have always been a good planner. I can plan my life four weeks ahead of time, and stick to it. As a matter of fact, I am one of those people who plan their lives years ahead of time, include a timeline and whatever the odds may be, try to stick to that timeline as much as possible. When I was younger, I planned out my life in every detail – from the age I wanted to graduate from college to the age I wanted to get married; the number of children I wanted to have and by what age I intended to have them. That timeline did not work! And there were times I got impatient and frustrated because even though I was achieving my goals, I was not achieving them according to the timeline I created.

If you are in the same shoes, stop beating yourself up over things that haven’t manifested yet. Don’t focus on the plans that haven’t worked out according to your timeline. Forget the timeline and focus on the goal. The important thing is that you keep going and you keep giving your best to whatever you’ve set in your heart to achieve. Yes, time will fly by, and sometimes you will feel like you haven’t achieved anything. But one day you’ll look back and realize every single thing you set out to achieve is in place even though they didn’t work out within your timeline. Ditch the timeline, focus on the goal.