Enjoy the Little Things

So many of us often wait for our big achievements before we celebrate. I find it is common for people to dismiss their small achievements with a tiny wave of the hand. So you were finally able to change your furniture? What’s the big deal in that? So you finally figured out how to proceed with a project you’ve been stuck with for sometime? Oh well! The truth is the world has reached a point where the little things don’t count. We dismiss them because we believe everyone is doing them. The truth is that the world has become so fast-paced; we focus on the big things. Everyone is on the lookout for the next big thing, so the small things seem insignificant. Everyone is looking out to do something that has not been done before so we forget to appreciate how far we have come with our little achievements summed up.

Take time out to enjoy the little things. The few minutes of serenity in the wee hours of the morning; the laughter you share with your spouse, friends and colleagues. Take time out to enjoy the time you get to spend away from work; enjoy the time you get to do something amazing for yourself. Enjoy the little things. The little things add up to big things. Celebrate your little achievements! Your life is not only about the big moments filled with big achievements; it’s about the little moments that tend to go unnoticed.