Pause…. Guard Your Thoughts

In the midst of life’s travails, it is so easy to get through every day without really thinking about what you’re thinking about. Many times, we tend to sway through our thoughts, letting them plant themselves in our minds, and establish themselves with deep roots, before we become aware that they are manifesting themselves in our attitude. When your thoughts become a thick mass you’re swaying through, pause! Think about what you are thinking about. Think about what you are letting into your life as a seed. Your thoughts become your way of life. If you entertain thoughts of negativity, paranoia, sadness and anxiety, your life will be a showcase of these emotions. Your attitude will not be any different. If you entertain thoughts of paranoia, you will always assume everyone is out to get you. You will read negatively into every action, every debate and every difference of opinion even with your friends and family.

If you entertain thoughts of negativity, you will always see the downside to everything. You will look out of the window and find faults with the sky, the trees, the chirping of the birds, and everything else.  But if you entertain love, happiness, positivity, and your purpose, you will be fulfilled. Learn to pause when your thoughts are a thick mass. Sort through the mass. Pick what’s important and chuck out the rest. A thick mass of thoughts will not only confuse you, but it will also weigh you down. It will make you lose focus and energy, and that’s a stepping stone to wrong decisions, and unnecessary battles.