Enjoy Happy Moments

Sometimes, in the midst of pain, hardship and trouble, happiness can be a fleeting experience; so fleeting that you fail to capture it and enjoy it in that moment. It can be a brief smile in the midst of debilitating heartbreak; it can be a quick elation you feel after successfully passing through a phase before you face an even greater mountain. The important thing here is to capture happy moments and make them last for as long as you can. Reminisce on happy moments; enjoy them. Stop obsessing over what’s not working, or what’s next. Learn to live in the now. Learn to ride the present wave without stretching your neck, trying to figure out what the next wave will bring. Happiness does not have to be a fleeting experience; it can become more than a momentary intrusion. Learn to enjoy the warmth of happy times. Don’t try to guess what tomorrow holds. Tomorrow will sort itself out. Enjoy today.