Pat Yourself on the Back

How often do you stop to look at yourself and take stock of how far you’ve come? How often do you stop to gaze back at your journey and appreciate yourself for your strength, for your achievements and for your resilience? Most of the time, we want other people to pat us on the back, and tell us how strong we have been; hence we become very disappointed when they fail to do so. Many times, we are too focused on what the next step should be, we lose the need to celebrate how we scaled through the last phase.

It is time to pat yourself on the back no matter how small and insignificant the victory may seem! Give yourself a high-five for your hardwork. Celebrate yourself for successfully completing a course, or attaining a personal goal you’ve set. Pat yourself on the back for how much you’ve learned, and for who you are as an individual. Celebrate yourself for being able to successfully pay the bills for yet another month! These might seem like little victories, but they are victories nonetheless, and should be celebrated! No one will celebrate you in this life if you do not appreciate yourself enough!