Sieve Your Thoughts

Think of your mind as a pipeline that leads to a reservoir. Its diameter is so huge, there is not much it cannot conceive. As a matter of fact, it is a pipeline made of elastic material, and can be stretched so widely, it cannot exceed its elastic limit. This basically means your mind is able to conceive all sorts, and if you let it wander as much as it wants, it will gather all kinds of thoughts- negative thoughts, positive thoughts, semi-positive thoughts, hopelessness, sadness, anger, etc. To win in life, you must learn to sieve your thoughts. You must learn to keep negative thoughts at bay. Think of it as a colander you use for spaghetti; you drain out the water, and keep the spaghetti safe. This is how you need to address your thoughts. Let the negative thoughts drain out, and keep the positive thoughts safe. Feast on your positive thoughts; let them be the only things you find in the pantry of your mind. You cannot go far with negativity, and truly negativity will not simply get up and leave because you asked it nicely. You need to renounce it, fight with it, and break up with it!