Action Points for Change

You have decided to make a resolution; a resolution to win this year and experience freedom from the mental shackles that threaten to hold you down. You cannot win if you do not take action. Even if you tell yourself every single day that you want to change for the better, it will be impossible to achieve if you take no action afterwards. Imagine if you planned a trip overseas, bought your ticket, got the necessary permits, and on that day, stayed in bed, and watched movies. You know for sure that your flight will not pick you up from bed, hence, all your preparations will go to waste. The same happens with making a resolution, and planning to be better. A resolution is a preparation which comprises of acknowledgement, listening to others, and addressing shortcomings we fail to focus on. But the real work starts with action. An action plan seems easy at first, and it is definitely easy to start. The big issue is with following through until it becomes a way of life.

So what are your action plans for achieving your resolution? Firstly, go back to the list of things you’d like to change in order to win this new year. Now, right next to each one, write down the steps you are willing AND able to take to achieve these goals. You might find during this process that some resolutions are better left for later. You might find the need to deal with some goals first before moving on to the others, because they are not concurrent; rather, they ought to occur successively to each other. So start with sorting out your list, and once you have done that, take a break. Tomorrow, I’ll give you a guide as to how to address your list and reshuffle it in order to ensure you are not burdening or breaking yourself.