We Are ALL Messed Up!

That’s the sad and simple truth. We might not accept it, we might know it but choose to ignore it, but it’s a fact, not a speculative thought. It’s a fact based on keen observation of how badly the world has disintegrated, and how crazy it is that the word ‘relationship’ means something less than what it really is.

We date people for money or sex; when we can’t get more out of them, we walk away, leaving them high and dry. We give our word to people who trust us beyond any inch of doubt, and then just as quickly turn around to become exactly what we told them we would never be. The world is not messed up because things are beyond our control; it’s messed up simply because we are spinning out of control. We use people, and we are happy to earn badges for that. We spend our time thinking of how we can escape situations without getting burned. It doesn’t matter if someone else is badly hurt by our actions, as long as we are OK, we can’t be bothered in the least. We are all messed up in some way or the other.

We break good people, because we believe being good is a sign of weakness. We insult real people- I don’t know if it’s because we are threatened by them or because the world has become so plastic, we are mistaking plastic for gold. We take advantage of people who are trusting and we are proud of ourselves for taking yet another ‘fool’ for a fool. We date people for their looks, pretend to be who we’re not simply to impress them, and we keep up the charade until we get what we want. We date people for money, for rides in fancy cars and dinner at fancy restaurants. We date people we believe will make other people respect us- once upon a time, black men were made to believe dating white women made them more respectable in society. Nowadays, the racial lines have been blurred but we are still chasing something to make us feel complete- we are chasing all things plastic.

The media has fed our fears in so many ways, and fueled our desires for so many empty gold-coated barrels, that what truly matters- our connection with other humans- has slowly faded into oblivion. ‘Mind set’ is now an abstract phenomenon that many people do not understand, and increasingly, we are building a generation that judges and stratifies you based on what you wear, who you know, the suburb you live and the kind of car you drive. There are so many broken people out there, working hard to break other people! That’s because people don’t even deal with their issues anymore. They seek comfort in something plastic, rather than facing the cold hard truth- that they are broken and need time to heal.

Insecurity is the new order of the day; men feel threatened by women who want to pursue their dreams and women feel threatened by other women who they believe are prettier, more intelligent or more driven than they are. So everyone turns to something plastic. An insecure man in a Range Rover can exude sham confidence without anyone knowing that he really feels smaller than his shoes. An insecure woman who’s married to a man with a Range Rover can create the impression of happiness and comfort when truly she may be getting hit and slapped around the house everyday… at least, she has something plastic that hides the pain away. Men want women with a ‘nice ass’ and clear skin, a face that would make other men jealous and a body that will make them weak in the knees. They mistreat loyalty from a woman who doesn’t match up to these standards, and chase disloyal women. Women don’t want to help a man build his dreams, nor do they want to chase theirs. For them, he has to meet up to expected standards- a fancy car, a fancy house, and all things fancy that may fade away within the twinkle of an eye.. because they love plastic. It’s no fault of ours- plastic is what the world worships.

We cheat on people who trust us, and lie to those who would believe anything we say. I’ve had to ask myself many times why we cheat… is it because we need an ego boost every now and then, or simply because we do not know what we want? Could it be because we are missing something in our relationships, or simply following the new trend we have created- to keep looking for more even when we have more than enough?

The world is messed up, and it’s not because some invisible force is pulling the strings behind the scenes. We messed it up; we brought ourselves this far. We disintegrated society the day we decided to replace human beings with all things plastic. People were created to be loved and things were created to be used. But we take joy in using people and discarding them, while we love things like they could breathe. We don’t care about how other people feel, we don’t care about how badly we hurt them. We wallow in our selfishness and we think something is wrong with sincere people. We need help because we are messed up- not partly, completely.

Before you ignore this, think of the people you have broken, the people you have cheated and the unsuspecting people you have used and discarded. If you feel no contrition for those people you dumped like garbage, and left heavy-laden with your baggage, then I pray that your heart may be softened. If you do feel the pangs of your conscience, it’s not too late to start treating people right. Bear in mind that everyone you meet is a rare jewel, that should be loved, cared for and treated as well as you treat your diamond ring, your Picasso, or your innumerable cars.

It would make a big difference in the world if we could all agree to love and respect our humanity, to stop using each other and to realize that plastic is plastic. When things get hot, plastic will melt. XOXO