Signs You’re a Psycho Ex

After a break up, chances are you will sit in front of your TV, watch cheesy romantic stories, eat ice cream straight from the five litre bowl, and cry at every memory of what you had… I consider these to be very normal for people who have been deeply hurt. However, recent experience has shown me that there is a very thin line between sanity and insanity, a line so thin you might not even realize it’s there. It is normal to try to get your man or lady back; try to get them to remember the good times, forget the bad ones, and simply let the horrible things go. It’s a fast downward slide from these normal reactions to the pit of insanity. How do you know you’re stretching your breakup stress a little too thin? Here are some signs:

  • You call every second for a full minute: I never thought it was possible to get 60 missed calls from the same number within a minute, but it turns it is when your ex is a psycho that enjoys knowing your phone is switched on.
  • You use Whatsapp as your tool of torment: Think calling every second is psycho? How about leaving more than 100 Whatsapp messages overnight….wait for it…. every night! Like really? What is that going to change? I can’t help but wonder if being a psycho ex is a full time job for some people! If they are busy leaving Whatsapp messages all night, when do they sleep? The weirdest psychos of all are those who leave multiple messages, get no response, and still say “nice chatting with you” at the end. I’m not kidding; it really happened!
  • You refuse to acknowledge the breakup: I understand it is really difficult to let go of someone you love, but if after three months, people tell you they saw your ex with someone else, and you tell them “he’s cheating on me”, it’s signs you’re….*cleariing my throat*… nuts. Even if he hasn’t moved on, acknowledge the break up and move on, on your own!
  • You text him or her to say you are pregnant or HIV+ when you know you’re not!: I don’t understand exes that think this is a nice fun joke. Like seriously? if you are dying to get attention from your ex, that is definitely not the way to go.
  • You worry he’s spending money on his new girl: Just when I thought I’d seen and heard it all, this psycho act pops up! If you’re calling your ex and lamenting about how he’s no longer spending money on you, you need help, and you need it fast!
  • You stalk him: And I’m not talking about calling and texting. If you find yourself sitting by the corner of his street, waiting for him to drive or walk past so you can get a glimpse of him, honey, you’ve gone too far down cuckoo lane.

Have you had experience with a psycho ex, do share! XOXO