Kick him To The Curb!

That’s the advice many of our female friends are quick to give us.

“He didn’t answer your calls? Girl kick him to the curb!”

“He hasn’t called you back after half an hour, he’s cheating, kick his ass to the curb!”

“He smiled at his neighbor when she walked past him? He’s a pig! Kick his damn ass to the curb!”


*sigh* *deep breath* poor men do not stand a chance against the barrage of bad advice many of us receive and follow. We live in the ‘no nonsense’ age where we are out to prove no one can take us for a ride. Our risks are calculated, our relationships are like jobs or tasks that must be completed with us coming out on top, and well, our jobs are like badges that we wear to show how much we are worth, how good we are, and how well we know our stuff. Woe betides the man that thinks he can slip up while he’s with us! His ass will be roasting nicely on the curb once we’re done with him. All these things play like endless blu ray movies in our heads,and we wonder why our relationships don’t last!

Men are not perfect; women aren’t either! We are all imperfect regardless of how careful we are about our decisions. Why then do we women expect men to be the epitome of perfection? Why do we get angry at the tiny little things that can be overlooked? So he doesn’t call you back after half an hour, does that mean he’s cheating? So he doesn’t run around to fulfill your every desire, does that mean he’s not worth your time? So he doesn’t empty his bank account so you can have the latest designer bag, does that mean he’s a loser?

I struggle to comprehend the thought patterns of women these days; the reasons relationships are being discarded like toilet paper are so hilarious, I sometimes think people are joking! What I do know is that these days, many of us concentrate on what our men are doing wrong. We concentrate on the fact that he doesn’t bring us breakfast in bed like Angela’s boyfriend does, he doesn’t open the car door for us when we are going out like Sally’s boyfriend, and he doesn’t always understand our PMS behaviors, temper tantrums and emotional roller-coasters…. Well, here’s news for you- he is not designed to be an exact replica of Angela’s boyfriend, nor is he a siamese twin of Sally’s boyfriend. He’s different and he loves you . he shows his love in ways that are different and slips up more often than you’d like. Is that  a reason to kick his ass to the curb? NOPE!

Stop focusing on only the negatives; discuss them if you have to, but don’t dwell on them. Understand that your man is human, doesn’t have psychic abilities, and just like you, is subject to extenuating circumstances every now and then. Be more understanding; no relationship can work without tolerance and understanding.

Merry Christmas in advance!