Silence Is A Skill

download I’ll get right to it… Sometimes shutting up is the best thing you’ll ever do. In this new age where we are constantly being encouraged to speak out, be heard, and express ourselves, we are beginning to blur the lines between knowing when to speak up and when to just sit quietly and watch.

I believe silence is an important life skill everyone must acquire if they intend to get far in life with people. Of course, in this new age, we are told not to care about what people think and just do us. I support that; no one should live a life dictated by the expectations of others. However, in the process of being ourselves, we have to bear in mind that there are some characteristics that are simply laborious to deal with. Being overly loquacious is one of such characteristics, and may even stand in the way of our progress in the work place. As much we ought not be bothered by what people think, we need to understand that at some point in our lives, we will need people to give us a chance. I don’t see that happening if the people in question would rather hide beneath a rock than hear us go on and on about our ideas and opinions.

So many of us like to hear our own voices; I don’t know if this is a result of unwarranted pride in our own intelligence, or simply a lack of control over our voice boxes. The annoying thing is we are not aware of this, and tend to subject poor innocent people to the constant droning of our voices. Of course they’ll smile and nod, but when they get home, they’ll sigh and say “whew! what an irritating fellow!”

Silence is  a sign of maturity; a person’s ability to bite their tongue, rather than say something hurtful saves relationships, and prevents unnecessary headaches that are a result of laborious arguments. Silence  does not mean keeping mute at all times; it means strategically using your words when you have to, and shutting up when you can tell that speaking up will lead to an unnecessary cascade of unpleasant events. Silence doesn’t mean not having an opinion; instead it can be used as a tool to suggest to the other fellow…”let’s agree to disagree”. Silence in relationships should not be used to punish and keep malice (that is a very childish move I am yet to comprehend by the way); instead it should be used to avoid hurting your partner.

Silence is a skill I have recently started to master; sometimes I simply let people read my displeasure at their actions from my facial expressions. it is not because I don’t have words, believe me I do! But I have learned with political plays in relationships, friendships and in the work place that silence can never be misquoted. Sometimes it’s simply best to keep your mouth shut!