I Really Do Not Like Valentine’s Day

Before you conclude that this is yet another post about how irritating it is that people wear white and red or white and pink or a disturbing combination of all three, please read on; it really isn’t.

It is not a post about how people should show love everyday either and not just on the 14th of February; I’m sure you already know that.

I really ‘do not like’ (in the case, the phrase represents, without any doubt, “Hate”) valentine’s day; it has nothing to do with me just being an aloof person when it comes to relationships; if anything at all, valentine’s day is the reason I became aloof.

It was on valentine’s day that I realized you can be the girlfriend and not get a gift; no scratch that, you’re not expecting a gift and it would have been fine if you didn’t get one. But, it would have also been great if the absence of a gift was not accompanied by a lashing out and a confession about how he cheats because you just can’t give him what he wants. Three months later, that relationship or whatever it was bit the sand and I was on to the next one.

It was on valentine’s day that I realized many men just have a great knack for absolutely BAD TIMING! While you’re in the honeymoon phase, excited that you finally kicked your ex whom you’ve now termed an irredeemable idiot to the curb, and found someone much better, someone you believe loves you for you and would be there for you come hell or high water, you realize your new angel struggles with the disease of indecisiveness. So, on valentine’s day, you get that message that says “Hey, you’re two hours flight away and I’m not into long distance. I think I made a mistake coming for you.”
Yeah… Another one bites the dust.

It’s on valentine’s day I realized someone can make you feel unwanted and the cherry on the top would be because he’s spending it with someone else! It usually starts on the 11th of february or even earlier, depending on how determined he is to get rid of you. It starts with “I’m working out of town on that day babe; let’s get together on the 15th. Will be back on the 14th but only at 10pm so I’ll be too tired!” Being the sweet sensitive girlfriend that you are, you understand but as the days go by, an idea forms in your mind. “If Mohammed is too tired to go to the mountain, the mountain must go to Mohammed”. I tried it and well, all I can say is “Touch down!!!” So, except his name is actually Mohammed and you’re really a mountain, please ditch this saying.

It’s also on valentine’s day or should I say the day after that I realized some guys are just out to win a stupid bet. You have a nice dinner, flowers, good conversation, perhaps a kiss at the end of the night and nothing more. The next day, you receive no calls so you think he has a hangover and you decide to call. He doesn’t answer his phone twice. You let him be. He’ll call back, you say. Well, days turn into weeks and weeks into months; you bump into him at the mall and he acts like you’re an old ‘unattractive in that way’ friend. Huh?! Where’s the ‘my phone broke’ excuse or ‘I accidentally walked into a lion’s den and was in a coma for weeks’. With time you get to hear the gist of everything; mr charming was simply tasked to melt the heart of the ice queen for a couple of hundreds. Oh well, at least you had a nice valentine’s day and feelings of self-condemnation and self-criticism to last you a few more months. Now who doesn’t want some of that?

All these experiences are not mine, I’ll admit, some are my friends’; I’ve only had the ‘good fortune’ of experiencing a couple of them. Nevertheless, valentine’s day has always left a bitter taste in my mouth or mouths of those closest to me. In the absence of a bitter taste, there was no taste at all which I think I prefer really! So please do pardon me when I say, I really ‘do not like’ valentine’s day.